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Key Ring Of Faith 

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Music & Lyrics by:

© 2016 Words & Music Steve Pullara

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091

Warminster, PA 18974


Ph: (215) 675-7743



Cool Beans MusicⓇ is a registered U.S. trademark  by Steve Pullara.

For families who enjoy innovative roots Christian music, Grammy recipient Steve Pullara has released a new Roots Gospel Album entitled Key Ring of Faith. It's an album for the whole family!

Steve Pullara's music and topics have that unique quality of crossover appeal to many ages. His new Roots Gospel album "Key Ring Of Faith" is no exception. Steve Pullara shares his Christian faith with the gift of roots music during an era when other artists and peers from various genres are expressing their beliefs and faiths too. Through the years, he’s honed his craft by playing and singing in music ministries, Bible studies and to very large family audiences. Using that knowledge and musicianship, this album is crafted with original and colorful Scripture concepts in unique audio canvases. In Steve’s “Key Ring Of Faith,” you’ll experience a ten song mix of imaginative, fun and reflective faith based songs. He wrote music for universal themes articulating Jesus’ “Golden Rule” and Scripture teachings often with modern settings which are inspiring for all ages. Listeners will instantly relate to these universally known topics that are presented through this artist’s signature musical style.

“Steve Pullara is listed as a top 200 airplay artist in the "International Country Music Chart."

With Steve Pullara’s band "The Red Eared Sliderz," his songs are heard in all kinds of radio playlists both domestically and internationally. Steve's influences from the genres of Gospel, Roots, Folk, Bluegrass, Americana and Country, plus his being a Family Friendly performer have gained him a solid fan base worldwide. Steve's a GRAMMY winning producer, twice nominated and multi-award winning recording artist who's always pushing the envelope a little bit further. Everybody in this album are real voices, real players and real life. This new Roots Gospel album release of “Key Ring Of Faith” by Steve Pullara and His Red Eared Sliderz can be heard and read about under the tabs at this website. God bless you and enjoy!

Steve Pullara is the recipient of many recording awards such as: The GRAMMY, Two GRAMMY Nominations, Parent's Choice Gold, N.A.P.P.A. Gold and a cited inclusion into the U.S. Congressional Record mentioning his recording work for children.

"Steve Pullara's "KEY RING OF FAITH" is a creative and spiritual blessing to us all." - Jeff Haynes, GRAMMY  Winning Producer, A.C.S. Winner of AudioFile Earphones Award  of Pete Seeger recordings

"Once again, GRAMMY winning producer and multi-award-winning recording artist, Steve Pullara, along with his melodious band, Red Eared Sliderz has produced a marvelous music album, KEY RING OF FAITH. This joyful undertaking of Christian belief is a skillful work that celebrates the Roots of Gospel while unlocking gentle messages of kindness, hope, empathy and blessings - all positive tidings that will resonate more than ever today, with fans of all ages."

- Paula Slade, VP/Creative Director, ARTISTIC MEDIA ASSOCIATES, INC., Boston, MA

"Steve Pullara's new album Key Ring of Faith is a powerhouse mix of gospel music, excellent instrumentation, and faith-filled messages for both children and adult audiences. The upbeat selections, interspersed with more introspective compositions, create a warm and inspiring mix that will leave listeners feeling uplifted. This world desperately needs more positive messages in music, and Key Ring of Faith delivers exactly that!" - Gordon Thomas Ward, DJ, WDVR-FM, Singer-Songwriter, Author and former ministry programs director, Trenton, NJ

Steve Pullara offers an inspiring gospel record with “Key Ring of Faith.” The songs are upbeat and positive with a Roots and Country styling. The opening track – the very happy “Heaven’s Floor” will have your toes tapping joyfully as he shares his infectious enthusiasm about meeting Jesus up on Heaven’s floor. The optimistic “Unclouded Day” continues that hopeful theme. The childlike curiosity of “Where Do All The Doggies Go?” might bring about tears, especially if you see the accompanying video.  The instrumentation is lovely throughout the album with the use of violin, piano, banjo, and guitar.  It’s an enjoyable listen all the way through! - Cyndy Drue, DJ, WMGK-FM, Philadelphia, PA,

"Key Ring of Faith" is refreshing, original and honest- just like all of Steve Pullara's albums. But it has a greater significance, because Steve is singing songs that reflect the eternal truth of the Gospel. This entire collection will stand the test of time because of its quality, but the touching and memorable “Where Do All the Doggies Go?” is a Pullara classic, and deserves to take its place alongside his Grammy winning best. This “key ring” is pure gold. -Chip Mergott, Notebook Records recording artist, host of public radio’s “Mergott Music Minute,” and author of “How to Play the Guitar in One Hour.”

"Key Ring Of Faith" by Grammy award winning Steve Pullara's opening track "Heaven's Floor" sets the tempo for a solid 10 track album of worship music. As I listen (again) I find myself being especially moved by the spirited fiddle that is a perfect compliment to Steve's lyrics and music compositions. This contemporary Gospel/worship album is family suited for any age, but especially it brings out the inner child of God in all of us. Pullara takes scriptures to music creating an album that sends messages of hope and encouragement. With memorable melodies and lyrics that are purposefully simple and with harmonies that are light and spirited, these are songs that will inspire the whole family or congregation to sing along. One of my favorite tracks has become #6-"Port of The Lord" with its accordion intro that feels so traditional for worship music coming from Pullara. (I had never been an accordion fan before) The organic instruments of this roots music continues to compliment the spiritual word-smithing by Pullara throughout all 10 tracks; the banjo, guitar, piano, the fiddle and accordion keep the melodies whistling in my head even once I turned the media player off. Worship music with "stick to it-ness." This album belongs in the home, the car, Sunday school and worship services. In Steve's words: "I felt it was time to share my Christian faith with the gift of roots music during an era when other artists and peers from various genres are expressing their beliefs and faiths too. Through the years, I've honed my craft by playing and singing in music ministries, Bible studies and to very large family audiences. Using that knowledge and musicianship, this album is crafted with original and colorful Scripture concepts in audio canvases. Enjoy!"

-Toni Taylor Helser, DJ, Mixposure Radio, Barefoot Indie Artists Group, Bend, Oregon

"Key Ring of  Faith" is a lovely 10 track record by Steve Pullara & His Red Eared Sliderz that is a beautiful fusion of American Roots music and Gospel music. Lovely cover art with a picture of Steve's signature red Converse shoes, guitar as an addition to the cross and 2 keys to symbolize the ring of faith and an assortment of guitar picks. The music is very well written with catchy tunes and really good production. Favorite tracks at this time would be the opening track "Heaven's Floor", "Port of The Lord" and "The Unclouded Day" because they are upbeat and groovy. Also, a personal favorite is the more pensive "Where do all the Doggies Go?". Excellent performances and very good engineering and production make for a fun, uplifting and memorable album."

- Arun Shenoy, GRAMMY Nominated Producer for Best Pop Instrumental Album, Singapore

"Steve Pullara has been entertaining kids and adults alike for years now with his Americana roots based songs that have positive and uplifting messages. His new album KEY RING OF FAITH also delights by bringing the celestial down to earth and putting the old timey into a timely framework. With banjos and fiddles and accordions helping deliver the message, the music is a renewal of faith and hope. It's an album the whole family can clap along to while sitting on the front porch."

- Debbi Calton, DJ, WMGK-FM, Philadelphia, PA

"Steve Pullara brings out his customary joy into his compositions with his latest album. He marries the sobriety of gospel with the fun of country music splendidly and the end result is one rocking album! "Heaven's Floor" is a sheer joy listen to :-). I loved the folk elements of "Jesus in the Bluegrass" with Steve's gently persuasive voice and a fantastic violin accompanying him. The harmonica in "Port of the Lord" sounds like an organ and is marvelous. "Blessed Are You" is a lovely, mellow song that is perfect for a Sunday :-). The superb " Where Do All the Doggies Go?" is a touching song of missing the presence of one's pet. Being a dog-parent myself, I felt very deeply for this song. Key Ring of Faith is a collection of myriad charms in the form of songs that are held together by Steve's brilliant compositions and vocal and instrumental arrangements :-) :-) :-)" - Ricky Kej, GRAMMY Winning Composer, Billboard #1 Artist, U.N. Global Peace Ambassador & Conservationist, Bangalore, India

"Port of the Lord" is one heck of a great time. If you are looking for a "Hallelujah down home" tune then this is the one for you. Steve's infectious good natured self comes through in this song. I love the imagery of the Lord being the captain of our ship leading us in the right direction. "My journey is anchored in the port of the Lord."

Honorable mention for the tune "My Brother's Keeper." It's an uplifting song that comes across as one of Steve's true to life songs. He could be talking about a real brother or "brother" in the sense of all of us in the world that needs help.

My pick for "best track of the album" has got to be "Where do all the Doggies Go?"  It starts off as a ballad filled with questions and longing. When you listen to this song you get to experience "laughter through tears" because you can picture your own dog you lost while listening. That's when Steve hits you with an image of your dog chasing cats in Heaven. Then the giggles take over. This song embodies Steve's natural talent of Steve taking a topic that could be sad or heartbreaking, and turning it into an uplifting, feel good song.

Steve Pullara has crafted "Key Ring of Faith" into one of this years great Roots Gospel Albums. If you are looking for an uplifting album that is different (in the best way) from all the other kinds of Roots Gospel Albums then look no further than this album. I'm looking forward to see what Steve has in store for us next. He continues to blow me away with each new release. I'm sure the next album will be no different."

- Ryan Cole, Arts & Music Reviewer, Critic for "Ryan's Korner" Internet "Blog Talk Radio" TN

"A lovely album for everyone. Highly recommended! In "Key Ring of Faith" Steve Pullara has written a country, folk, and bluegrass laced album about God that is as personal as it is fun to listen to. It has the clarity and simplicity of legends like The Carter Family singers and Hank Williams. The arrangements are both traditional and sweet, but for me the real shine in this record comes from how easily conversational and delightfully unvarnished Mr. Pullara is in his message. I especially like Heaven’s Floor for it’s coal train shimmy, the upbeat square dancing, toe-tapping story of Jesus’s love of children in "Jesus in the Bluegrass," and the bible narrative ballad of  "Arms of Jesus." A lovely album for everyone."

-White Sun, Los Angeles, CA

"I love the fiddle and in the bluegrass arrangement on the uptempo ‘HEAVEN’S FLOOR’ and ‘JESUS IN THE BLUEGRASS’ along with the slide guitar, its one stunning combination. The vocals are fantastic all through, main and harmony backing, offering comfort in ‘BLESSED ARE YOU’ among others. I love the bluesy touch in ‘GO IN PEACE’ and the piano on ‘THE UNCLOUDED DAY’, really adds a whole new dimension to the music. Exquisite!" - Wouter Kellerman, GRAMMY Winning artist, South Africa

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