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Steve Pullara's Lyrical Video Gallery


Below are various types of family videos by Steve Pullara. Each song has the lyrics following the melody with memorable visuals in both video or a photo essay style. Successfully, advertisers are using Steve's music through a preface method on YouTube to show their commercials for selling national products. Feel free to inquire about any of Steve's songs for your usage.


                                                           "My Buddy"


WOW! Many thnx to our fans & peers for all of your love shown to our Children's Album "Kitty Cat Under My Wheelchair" and to it's promotional video below." We've provided gratis full streaming for your families, classrooms & libraries which is available in many formats at: Feel free to share it.


                                             "Guess Who's Coming Home"


This song is from our multi-awarded children's album, a first of its kind, entitled "Backyards & Home Fronts." It's currently in rotation on XMKids Live Channel 78 and has received both national and international attention. The video of this song and visual are very powerful.

"The More Teeth Missin' The Better For Kissin'"

This Steve Pullara parenting song has gotten tons of international play. It caught the eyes of toothpaste company Sensodine. Advertisers have posted their prefaces on this popular video's YouTube post. Be sure to brush your teeth and braces because you have a beautiful smile! This song is from the internationally played NAPPA awarded Children's Album "Butterflies Wear Sneakers.

"So Small"
Being a peace activist and an artist dedicated to fairness and truth, Steve Pullara's song "So Small" is very encouraging. Both kids and adults are given a concept. Every smalllest intention matters like one rain drop at a time does, especially if they're gathered together with a common goal. This song is from the album "Butterflies Wear Sneakers."
"Where's Daddy?"
This is a daring song that was written from a child's perspective. It's about a real event that Steve witnessed. Though this song is never performed at a children's concert, comments about this recording from adults have come in privately from all over the country. These lyrics have touched lives and even helped heal current situations.  Children's/Family songs are a blank canvas. They can ultimately give voice to an uncomfortable situation from a child's perspective. The result is that music can impart inspiration. It may assist in the positive change that is needed in behavior of parenting adults. This song is from the album "Butterflies Wear Sneakers."
"Where Do All The Doggies Go?"
The video deals with a universal question for both kids and adults. We often wonder; Where does my cat or doggie go when they pass on? Will we see them again?  This song has helped people of various ages who have heard it throughout the times of their lives. Our video is comforting with its footage of the baby labs. They are wonderfully playful actors in this musical lyrical setting. The album that my song can be had on is entitled "Key Ring Of Faith." Feel free to in-box me your thoughts.

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