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Album Production: Songwriting, Producing, Marketing, Consulting And Creative Direction

Photo by BIll Edwards

Recording Production Inquiry:

Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091 

Warminster, PA 18974

Cool Beans Music® 

is a registered U.S. Trademark

owned by Steve Pullara.

All rights reserved.

Used by permission.


Steve Pullara is a well known and gifted multi-award winning album producer in the children's genre.

He has well honed production skills in: songwriting, lyrics, music, spoken word, poetry text, coordinations, graphic arts and marketing mastery. They are sought after by many in the music industry. His works have stood the test of time and have remained evergreen in the market, defying any current musical trends. He can also produce recordings with that same care and detail for any musical genre'. Don't hesitate to contact him about recording your next projects. Info about Steve's industry achievements are throughout this website with their sampling links. Enjoy!

As the founder of the GRAMMY award winning production company Cool Beans Music, Inc., all the artists that he works with get the highest professional care. They receive detailed follow-up reports to help make their recording projects a success.

When your music is a business, and not a hobby, you'll need a professional by your side. If you are investing time and money into your next project, think about having someone like Steve Pullara who wants you to succeed. You'll need a expert with a proven track record. Call Steve Pullara at Cool Beans Music for a free 15 minute consultation on what he can provide. After that conversation, he can provide you with a bid for your next project. Steve's fees for services are fair and competitive in the Children's Market. He also provides strategies that include great rates at top nationally known recording studios. Give Cool Beans Music, Inc. a call or e-mail him with your next project inquiry.

Steve Pullara can also write or license material from his catalog for you. His songs are licensed by the Harry Fox Agency at He's also a member of ASCAP & NARAS applying their high artistic standards to his projects.

Here's a few reviews below about Steve's recordings and many more are posted all through this informative website under the various tabs.

"Upper Dublin High School was once again pleased to have GRAMMY winner, songwriter and producer Steve Pullara present to our music business and guitar methods students.  His experience in the music industry and friendly personality encouraged a question and answer session that inspired all students. Steve gives insight into the Grammy process and explained the benefits of being a member. Considering his accomplishments we were all very happy to have him present and offer advice to these young aspiring music students." 

--Rick Smith, Director of the Upper Dublin Guitar Program, Guitar Force One, Guitar Club, Exploring the Business of the Music Industry, Cardinal Opportunities- class adviser

"Steve clearly "gets it" when it comes to creating music that simultaneously entertains kids and adults without alienating either audience. Moreover, the songs are well-recorded without excess production and hold up well after repeated listening!" --Larry Berger about "Golden Reel Award Winner",

Host & Producer "The Saturday Light Brigade"​ WRCT-FM, Pittsburgh, PA​

"On behalf of the Children's Music Network, I'd like to extend our heartfelt thanks for the outstanding  job you did leading the recent "Walking the Tracks" Producers' Forum at East Coast Recording Studio. Your entertaining, informative presentation was an enthralling blend of insightful observations, helpful hints and amusing anecdotes. Many attendees expressed to me how grateful they felt to have been given such a personalized peek into the technology and creative process behind Grammy caliber recordings.  I 'm wishing you continued success with all your future ventures!"

--David C. Perry, Regional Rep, CMN Mid-Atlantic Region, The Children's Music Network

"Steve Pullara sees the world through a kids' eyes.... or at least it seems that way in this collection of 12 songs, each one punctuated with Pullara's unique, appealing sense of humor. The performers' particular talent is the ability to see and vocalize the marvelous in the mundane, whether it's a fish tank, toy train set, or snowflakes (always magical in small doses!) Farther afield, there are neighborhood streets, ubiquitous "alien babies," conga dancing cockroaches, camcorder-touting grandmas, and most wondrous of all, the "Little Blue Dot" where we all live. Pullara and the Cool Beans Band provide smooth, friendly, diverse musical settings in this gentle crowd pleaser." -

-The American Library Association, Booklist Magazine

Contact Steve Pullara & Cool Beans Music for your next project or recording session. Your time and considerations are appreciated.


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