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Flowers For My Friends

by Steve Pullara

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A Note For Listeners Of This Song:

"Flowers For My Friends" is a topical  award winning song written and recorded by Steve Pullara. Instead of his younger children's audience, in this song he steps out for Older Grade Children such as Middle School Students, Tweens, Teens, Libraries and Family Table Discussions with Parents or Guidance Counselors.It is not performed in young audience concerts.

"Steve Pullara tackles a serious and sensitive topic of guns and school shootings in this song from a child’s perspective. The gentle soothing piano draws us into an energetic song filled with rambling slide guitar and emotive voice that stretches words out like “said” that give more punch and meaning to the message. As an expert in writing music for kids, kudos to Pullara for this thought provoking tune that can help promote a healing and safe dialogue about these issues." Cyndy Drue, Radio Personaility, of WMGK-FM Radio Philadelphia on August 21, 2019


"I don’t know about you, but as a parent and grandparent I’ve reached my limit of heartless commentary surrounding school shootings that never address what our children are having to (sadly) learn to navigate the real nightmares they face going to school each morning. That is until I listened to singer-songwriter Steve CoolBeans Pullara new single "Flowers For My Friends." Listeners, children and parents alike will feel their spirits lift while feelings are validated all while their minds and bodies will feel comforted. I'm a believer that music is therapeutic and heals. Mr Pullara is preaching to this choir yet again in this latest song."  DJ Toni Taylor-Helser of Mixstream Radio, Oregon, July 19, 2019

"When it comes to being out in front of the musical curve tackling tough issues, Steve Pullara leads the pack and his new single “Flowers For My Friends” offers a meaningful look at gun violence and kids."

"These sort of songs are perhaps the hardest to write and most artists won’t even attempt them, but most artists are not Steve Pullara! “Flowers For My Friends” provides a fresh look at a major problem in America that should inspire many to open up and talk about real solutions." (for the full review & more reviews press the red button) 

Steve Elci, TV Host, Recording Artist and  Emmy Nominated Producer of "Steve Elci and Friends" Connecticut on July 27, 2019 

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Music & Lyrics by:

© 2018 Words & Music Steve Pullara

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091

Warminster, PA 18974


Ph: (215) 675-7743



Cool Beans MusicⓇ is a registered U.S. trademark  by Steve Pullara.

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