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Concert Performance Endorsements

Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091

Warminster, PA 18974


Ph: (215) 675-7743



Cool Beans MusicⓇ

is a registered U.S. trademark 

by Steve Pullara.

Dear Steve,

Thank-you and your phenomenal "back-up band" for the wonderful "Family Fun Night" performance. Your shows are always spot-on professional, entertaining and fun. I enjoy your interaction with the audience and clever intuitive ways that you get everyone up and involved with each other and with the show.

I heard from the leaders of the immigration group and that they and the kids loved your performance. One of the comments was, "This was a positive and memorable event in the lives of these kids." I'm sure that's TRUE. Thank-you again for an exceptional show!

--Program Director of Parks And Recreation, Reading, Pennsylvania


Steve did a great job at this event yesterday! The kids were up and dancing and there was a great "family" feel in the room. Also, it's pretty entertaining to watch parents do a little hula dancing! Thank you so much, Steve, for your tremendous help in building HOPE in the Asbury Park community!"​

--Joe Palazzolo, Asbury Park, NJ, Development Committee

"Question: How does one pull children away from video games? Answer: Have Steve Pullara bring his song and art to an audience of children and the parents end up having as good a time. Thank you, Steven, this was a wonderful afternoon for the students of Hope Academy.​"

--Nancy Sabino , Eventure Inc.

"The Hope Academy kids went on a surprise world tour yesterday with Steve Pullara. Using his songs and instruments, Steve took the kids to Africa, Peru, the west of Native America and back home to Asbury Park. He had them in the palm of his hands and they loved every minute of his magical journey. And just when they thought he was done, Steve showed them how to use the alphabet to draw just about anything they'd ever want or imagine."

--Tom Pivinski , Asbury Park, NJ, Community Development

"Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band are an awesome musical experience for children. Whether listening to one of their CDs, or seeing them perform LIVE, children will be thrilled! Their music is upbeat, fun and educational! It's the type of music that makes kids (and their parents) want to get up an dance! If you haven't experienced Cool Beans Music -- Do It NOW!

-- Don Dougherty, Author, Storyteller, Rocketeer, Classroom Adventure Stories, LLC

"Having had the pleasure of working alongside Steve Pullara, it is safe to say that after witnessing his 'uplifting' show I felt rejuvenated.... Steve has a personality and conviction to making people feel good that I am not sure I have seen before. I recommend him HIGHLY!"

--Annie Haslam, Event Coordinator of the Serenity House CD Benefit Concert,

Award Winning Singer from the group Renaissance

" Steve Pullara, of Cool Beans Music®, has a talent for offering the right mix of musical energy and inventive programming to make any event a resounding success! Just ask Northampton Township Parks & Recreation, recipient of a PRPS Excellence in Programming award for Dr. Seuss's 100th Birthday Bash. "Steve's involvement and innovative ideas are an added bonus to his musical energy. He was instrumental in many more aspects of this day than just as an entertainer. He gets everyone up on their feet, smiling, dancing and feeling good. He helps to complete a program from "A-Z." --Betty Satterley Northampton Parks & Recreation Special Events Coordinator

--Betty Satterley, Northampton Parks & Recreation Special Events Coordinator

"I took my 2 year old granddaughter to the Giggle Gang at the Springfield Mall last week to hear a scheduled band, not knowing what to expect..." "My husband took her over to the mat and sat with her in the front row. She also danced "on stage". We had never heard of your band, but now we own your new CD. I just wanted to let you know how much influence you had over my granddaughter. She loved your music. She went home and chicken-danced with her mom to everybody's delight. I asked her if she wanted me to get her music of yours and she didn't hesitate to say yes. The only other music she  likes is Disney classics and The Cheetah Girls. The CD arrived from Amazon yesterday and she danced through the entire 12 songs. She even tried to dance with her 3 month old sister, something she's never done before. Again, thank you for your music and for lighting up my girl's day."​

--Mrs. Debbie Evans, Springfield Mall, PA


"Steve Pullara and his Cool Beans Band are hand-clapping, toe-tapping, interactive fun for the whole family."--Mary Worth, Home School Mother of Two, Warrington, PA

"Steve is a bundle of singing and cheerful energy. He connects with children of all ages, parents included! You always have a great time at Steve's programs as you sing, learn about his instruments or travels and volunteer for his original, interactive songs. Steve is a bundle of singing and cheerful energy. He connects with children of all ages, parents included! You always have a great time at Steve's programs as you sing, learn about his instruments or travels and volunteer for his original interactive songs."

--Caroline Rhoads, Special Education Teacher, Bucks County Intermediate Unit #22

"Steve was tremendously talented and engaging with our students. The smiles in the room were absolutley contagious and all who attended the assembly had a ball! The students were tickled with Steve's songs and thrilled with his easy to follow drawing technique. I would highly recommend Steve Pullara for a terrific school assembly. Thanks Steve!"

--Angie Baturka, School Event Planner, The Hillcrest Elementary School, Drexel Hill, PA


"STEVE PULLARA makes music and music making accessible for all ages by combining his own unique brand of zaniness with sheer musicality. His use of drawing and cartooning to involve the children in his performance are an unusual touch that adds new dimensions to the music for kids. Adults find Steve as entertaining as kids do. And anyone sitting in the audience can tell at the drop of a note that Steve is having at least as much fun as everybody else in the room..."

--Darcy Fair, Youth Services Manager, Yardley-Makefield, Bucks County Free Library, PA

"If Steve and His Cool Beans Band can't get you hopping on one foot or pretending to eat monkeys., you'll get caught up in the antics of those who will. He and his music are a lot of fun for an audience of any age."

--Nancy Stock, Director, Parks and Recreation, Hatfield Township, PA

"STEVE PULLARA. --There is something about a Steve Pullara show that connects with kids in a special way. Maybe it's the infectious joy in his performance. Maybe it's the way he brings together music and art and kids. Maybe it's the good feeling he gives their parents. Parents know that a Steve Pullara show is a friendly, safe, fun experience that their kids will be talking about for days. I often joke that Steve Pullara will show up at the opening of an envelope. The truth is that Steve Pullara's commitment to bringing good music and fun to his audience makes him a welcome addition to any community or event."

--Kathy O'Connell about "Spinning Tails", Host and Co-Producer of Kids Corner WXPN,

Philadelphia, PA, Peabody Award Winning Program

"The Radnor Run was a lot more fun with Steve Pullara and his band! The Run consists of a 5 mile USA Track and Field Certified Race and a Family Fun Run, so thousands of families are in attendance at this annual event, celebrating 25 years in the Radnor community. As the runners were on the course, a circle of onlookers, spouses and children gathered around Steve and his band as they performed upbeat, funny and charming songs to the delight of all. If you want happy people at your event, add a dose of Steve Pullara; he and his music are infectious!"

--Erin Riley, Radnor Run Producer, American Lung Association

"Steve not only entertains with his music and art, but he educates the children at the same time. Steve has a gift for relating to children of all ages and totally mezmorizes them! The Cool Beans Music and Art program is a favorite at our school with the children, parents, and teachers."

--Marie A. Pletcher, Director; Goddard Schools, Collegeville and Norriton, PA

"Steve made a close connection between his music and the library by referring to books on display which were related to the topics he was singing about, and encouraged the audience to borrow them.

--Mary Ann Crozier, Coordinator of Children's Services; Bucks County Free Library, 

Doylestown, PA

"This is one of the most unique programs I've ever seen! The kids retain the info in both the music and drawing lessons. We really look forward to seeing Steve again."

--Barbara D'Amato, Teacher, Willowdale Elementary School, Warminster, PA

"We all had fun drawing. Telling about the history of the instruments and the origins of the songs made the program educational and fun."

--Terri Heebner, Children's Librarian: Township Library of Lower Southampton, Southampton, PA

"The students have been so excited since Steve performed at Oak Park. The picture of Bugs Bunny he drew with the kids is in my classroom. Thinking back on his art and music presentation reminds me of how much the students learned, and how much fun they had in the process. We are definitely having Steve Pullara back at Oak Park again next year!"

--Laura Barlotta, Music Instructor; Oak Park Elementary School, Lansdale, PA

"Thanks for inspiring and encouraging my kids to be creative. We really enjoy ourselves and learn so much every time we see you. You energize my kids and get their creative juices flowing!"

--Dina Carmelengo, Teacher and Mother of Three, Stanhope, NJ

A life-affirming song about a stroll through the neighborhood, a bouncy tune about line-dancing insects, and an infectiously fun (and accurate) anthem for all grandmas infatuated with their grandchildren are just a few of the themes of Steve Pullara's songs on his wonderful new CD "Spinning Tales". Once again, Steve has combined imaginative lyrics with great music to create songs that will have everyone humming along during home stereo dance sessions and car rides. In addition to cool melody lines and clever rhymes, Steve spins great tales that are fun as well as informative. No one can resist stopping to smell the roses after listening to Steve's observations in "A Walk Down My Street", a song that turns an ordinary walk around the block into an extraordinary journey of discovery. You'll dance too, just like the "coc-ka-roaches doin' the conga" when you hear the bouncy rhythms and bass lines of the Cool Beans Band on that tune. And, there is absolutely nothing funnier than watching a three-year old head-bobbing to a rockin' beat and chanting, "Vide-o, vide-o, vide-o camera!", while listening to and empathizing with the story line to "Grandma's Video Camera". In addition to those three songs, there are nine more songs on the "Spinning Tales" CD that will delight little ones -- and big ones -- alike. So, if you want to actually enjoy the songs that your children will ask to hear over, and over, and over again, Steve Pullara and the Cool Beans Band's latest CD "Spinning Tales" is highly recommended.

--Keeya Branson Davis, Program Director, Penn's Landing Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

This high-energy artist mixes music and art in his live performances to the delight of all ages.

On his latest CD, Spinning Tails, Pullara displays growth as a songwriter and performer while maintaining the positive messages and simple sense of fun that appeals to his young audience. Steve's own sense of wonder at the world permeates Spinning Tails. Every family will recognize "Grandma's Video Camera," although I admit this city gal has a soft spot for "Cockroach Conga."

I'd recommend Spinning Tails for the younger members of the family, although it's certainly fun listening for everyone.

--Kathy O'Connell, MetroKids Magazine: Sound Off! about "Spinning Tails!" Music For All Ages, Kathy O'Connell is a contributing writer to MetroKids and host of the Peabody-award-winning "Kid's Corner" on WXPN

"Steve Pullara and his Cool Bean's Music is a charmingly wonderful production for children of all ages. I was very impressed with how well he kept the attention of the younger children as well as the older ones by encouraging them to move around and participate in the show. Steve is a must see when he is around!"

--Christine Mason-Chad, Mother of Four, Spring City, PA

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