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       Add  this fun CD to your local library shelf!

         "Aliens, Astronauts and Asteroids!"  is a 

       NAPPA Awarded STEAM Children's Album  

       by Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band.


Travel through outer space musically in your own orbits with Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band! This fun and musical adventure will have you dancing through the galaxies and spinning like a satellite. Steve with his Cool Beans Band has invited some talented peers onto this album: Trevor Sewell, Twinkle Time and the fun harmonies  of the popular Smith Sisters and the Sunday Drivers. Your countdown begins now at T- minus10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,2, 1 blast off with these eclectic space tunes!


Incoming Reviews:

"Aliens, Astronauts and Asteroids" is a delightful toe tapping collection of kid’s music that energizes while teaching important aspects of “The Final Frontier.” Children will have fun learning about outer space, travel, and weightless effects on the human body, stars, asteroids, planets and possible aliens. Grammy winning musician, Steve Pullara did his research and homework for this entertaining, 14-track musical STEAM- rich album." - Paula Slade, Artistic Media Associates, Inc.,  August 2022

There’s something for multiple age ranges of youth on these tracks. Largely, the lyrics ask questions and spark curiosity. School-age children will get a laugh from the gross-out factor of “Blow Your Nose in Outer Space.” Pre-schoolers will spin themselves dizzy to “Spin like a Satellite” if given a little encouragement. For me the highlight was “Mission Control” with its important message that it takes teamwork to make great things happen, including behind-the-scenes teammates who don’t make the headlines.

“Splashdown,” with its callbacks to references in other songs, really speaks to the importance of a work having a theme and the reason we’d lose something if we all switched from making albums to only making singles. The presence of synthesizers throughout the album also ties the theme together.This album is available for streaming and downloads on all major music platforms. I recommend this album for kids of all ages and their grown-ups."- Jason Didner, Jungle Gym Jam Music, September 1, 2022

"Get ready to blast off with Steve CoolBeans Pullara's latest release "Aliens, Astronauts and Asteroids!"  I loved the concept for the album before launching into the first track, as space and all the wonder that it holds is a universal topic that kids (and adults!) can enjoy.  Packed with fun songs, playful synths (check out Space Walk!) and a great space vibe, this album hits the mark.  The closer, "Alien Babies From Outer Space", is great fun and could appear in a sci-fi cult classic movie one of these days.  Great music, great theme and a truly great artist and person in Steve Pullara." Kindie Rock Stars, August 2022

"This new children's album "Aliens, Astronauts and Asteroids" by Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band delivers a space payload. It's a well researched and colorful audio adventure for kids who dream of space travel with curiosity. This collection is full of original songs and very catchy synthesized ear worms. These tunes will last in your memories for light years to come!" -Thirteen Butterflies Publicity, August 2022

Album Personnel:

Steve Pullara: Producer, Arranger, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals and Guitars 

Patrick Robinson: Producer, Arranger, Recording Engineer and Keyboards 

Jim Cravero: Producer, Recording Engineer and Mastering 

Kelli Lewis: Producer, Arranger and Backing Vocals 

Wendi Kilman: Backing Vocals 

David Williams: Recording Engineer 

Gloria Domina: Rhythm and Percussion Sounds 

Featured Artist:  Twinkle Time on Harmonies arranged by James Dallas (Track 2)

Featured Artist: Trevor Sewell on Lead Guitar (Track 1)


Many thanks to these studios: Cool Beans Music & Art Studio,

Robinsong Studio, 2nd Floor Recording and ECR Studio.

Album Design and Illustration: Steve Pullara

This album is dedicated to my loving parents Mary and Charlie Pullara.

Thanks for listening!

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