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The GRAMMY For Best Children's Album Goes To:

"All About Bullies...Big And Small"

Click this video for Steve Pullara's speech.

                                                        Complete info about this recording is at:

Not pictured in these photos is Pat Robinson who was our 5th producer and not able to attend.

It was a wonderful year for Children's Music: The 54th GRAMMY Award for Best Children's Album went to "All About Bullies...Big and Small." This historic recording was the beginning of a creative adventure. Anytime that I held that award as a producer, I represented the gathered works of 37 dedicated Children's Artists and Volunteers who all donated their time and talent 100% gratis. We had a vision of excellence realized!
​On behalf of everybody who volunteered in any way on this recording, we extend our thoughts for congratulations. It was truly a marvelous time when this happened. "All About Bullies... Big and Small" continues to make news and help kids. Many letters have come in from all over the world about its high quality. We've heard from the national children's music community, plus all its varied subgenres along with numerous recording artists of other genres. We've also heard from reviewers, bloggers, teachers who use it, radio programers and comments are still coming in about this album.
"All About Bullies...Big and Small" continues to sell.  NARAS (The Recording Academy-The GRAMMYs) got it right overwhelmingly, this album was judged and voted on directly for recording excellence by its members. The GRAMMY Winning achievement with this CD's civic accomplishments were then enrolled into the log of The United States Congress (no GRAMMY Children's CD to my knowledge has ever had that distinction.) That oral parliamentary citation covered the fact that in order to prevent bullying throughout our nation, it is necessary to apply unique and creative methods that resonate with younger generations. The Congressional document then cites that this CD sends out a powerful anti-bullying message to it's listeners. It contained spoken word and songs to comfort and inspire children during those trying times. The album is still making national news and was just written about again in the "Washington Post", plus numerous articles from all over the country including "LA Parent" & "School Library Journal" as a "Starred Review" to name a few.  It also was awarded two other of Children's Music's highest GOLD awards in both the Parent's Choice and NAPPA programs. These awards outside the GRAMMYs have certainly all helped to certify its excellence while it maintains buzz and sells well. The recording included excellent children's artists' performances and clever imaginative writing. It's layout which included a wide scope of talent from all over the country spoke & sang to the times in which it was created. This significant album was developed, recorded and produced from within the broader Children's music community, not from either a large label, a moniker or corporate studio. As a credit to them all; It is now listed in a litany of among the best recorded children's albums and is a historic CD.  As a credit to The Recording Academy last year, "All About Bullies.. Big and Small" was awarded music's highest honors. Congrats to you all. We have all made a difference in the lives of children with our talents!
Generosity outside the recording artists roster has also been very much appreciated such as:
​CDBaby who proactively offered to give $2.00 additional per sale and Discmakers who made 1000 CDs extra CDs gratis, Chuck Hall of "Your Marketing Executive" who created a splendid website, Dina Hall who co-designed the CD Graphics layout to my cover illustration, Dennis Morris of Formulationsonline has used his credit card swiper for sales that wanted to pay by credit card for us, Reggie Kelland has helped move the CD through Newsound Kids for sales and Kristin Wickline assisted in many ways and was our hawk eyed proofreader.
​Thanks go out to all who have supported this album and continue to spread the word about this landmark recording. Wonderful donations from our net profits continue to be made to PACER (The National Bullying Prevention Center!) 100% of all the net profits have gone, and will continue to go, to this fine organization.
​Many reviews, ongoing news and the full audio of all the tracks can be sampled at:
In Tune and God Bless,
​Steve Pullara
Lead Producer, Initiating Artist, Team Leader, Creative Director, Coordinator, Lead Writer and Contributing Artist
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