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Workshops For Children, Adults and Seniors

Top photo by BIll Edwards

All drawings are by Steve Pullara

Steve Pullara presents his workshops in songwriting mixed with cartoon drawing skills. They're unique programs that  bring out a kids’ (and adults') imagination. A Steve Pullara "Cool Beans Workshop" can be that life altering experience that may inspire a new vocation into a lifelong adventure of personal exploration. They've been presented to all ages, plus special education settings in numerous various ways.

These Cool Beans Music and Art Programs are offered to students grades 6 and up, plus adults. They're also booked and experienced as a shared experience with grandparents and their grandchildren in recreation centers .

Steve's programs are designed to introduce students to the think "outside of the box" and to follow their dreams. His workshops can be presented as part of a residency program which includes a combination of songwriting, story telling and illustration. Ther​e is much more available about this popular program. Ask for the brochure to be jpg'd to your mailbox.​

​The Cool Beans Music and Art Program stimulates and enriches students of all ages in:

* Developing Expressive Confidence

* Learning Drawing Skills

* Sharing Musical Experiences

* Having Fun Through the Arts

"Steve Pullara, of Cool Beans Music® has a talent for offering the right mix of musical energy and inventive programming to make any event a resounding success!  Northampton Township Parks & Recreation is proud to be honored with a PRPS Excellence in Programming Award for Sing 'N' Sketch which featured Steve Pullara. This event, conceived with Steve's assistance, created an evening of special memories for kids and their grandparents."

"Northampton Township Parks & Recreation was also the recipient of a PRPS Excellence in Programming Award for Dr. Seuss's 100th Birthday Bash. "Steve's involvement and innovative ideas are an added bonus to his musical energy. He was instrumental in many more aspects of this day than just as an entertainer. He gets everyone up on their feet, smiling, dancing and feeling good. He helps to complete a program from "A-Z." ​​--Betty Satterley, Coordinator, Northampton Parks & Recreation Special Events

"Steve presented a program mixed with visual aides and music of the Johnsville Science Museum for my home-school group. He was friendly and patient with the kids, as we had kids of all ages. He was very knowledgable regarding the exhibits and the history of space exploration. He also shared some of his songs, including one called "John Glenn". It was a very memorable field trip. The museum is a local treasure and so is Steve."  --Mary Worth, Mother of Two and Home School Group Trip Organizer

Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091 

Warminster, PA 18974

Cool Beans Music® is a registered U.S. Trademark

owned by Steve Pullara.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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