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Radio Requests

Here are some wonderful links who have booked or played Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Music or had Steve on-air for interviews. You can listen to these programs on the radio or at their websites. If there is a Cool Beans Music ® tune or poem that you'd like to hear, these links are provided to request Steve Pullara's works. The links should connect you directly to the stations. If these links don't connect for any reason, simply paste the blue copy into your browser and hit your return button. Enjoy!


Kids Corner:

Kids Corner on WXPN 88.5 hosted by Kathy O'Connell in Philadelphia has been a good fan of Steve Pullara and Cool Beans Music. Tune in Mondays-Thursdays 7pm. Kids Corner would love to hear from you. Kathy says: "Steve Pullara is a family music treasure that never stops creating music for us. His music is fun listening for adults and children alike. Steve's own sense of wonder at the world permeates his tunes."

Larry Berger of The Saturday Light Brigade:

WRCT-FM in Pittsburgh says "Steve clearly "gets it" when it comes to creating music that simultaneously entertains kids and adults without alienating either audience. Moreover, the songs are well-recorded without excess production and hold up well after repeated listening!" Give him a click and request a Steve Pullara wake up song:


Crazy College:

Steve's a graduate of the good ole Crazy College which serves up his music on a fairly regular basis when he airs. Pull up a chair and let George Stewart serve you some of the best novelty music ever recorded from Prima to Pullara, from Como to Cool Beans! George Stewart on WHYY will then lead you in singing and laughing while everyone has a great old time! He's the musical professor of oddities and taste. Click here for a bowl of Cool Beans Music:

Tim "T-Bone" Arem:

Tim "T-Bone" Arem is a big kid at heart. He encourages kids to use their imaginations by tuning in to the radio and turning off the TV. He could not do his show without the awesome help and support of the studio gang. You can find T-Bone and his possie at the station from 8-10 am on Sat. Thanks for checking in and for being part of the show:

Imagination Parade:

SPECIALTY PROGRAMS The Imagination Parade with Paul Butler

Sundays, 9:00AM to 10:00AM Eastern Time

It’s a beautiful day in the WFDU neighborhood!! Paul Butler and The Imagination Parade have returned to their old time slot on Sundays from 9am until 10am. Paul has assembled the absolutely most terrific children’s music and fun program on the airwaves! There’ll be contests, dedications, sing-alongs and, of course, the always friendly reassuring voice of Paul Butler. We are very happy to welcome back to the WFDU airwaves, The Imagination Parade and Mr. Paul Butler……..Three cheers!!

The All-Ages Show:
It's where they play music that's not just for grown-ups with DJs Paddy & Eddap
This programs airs on Saturdays from:
12:00 to 13:30
Enjoy their tunes, a story, frolic and ...

Playground :

This show has played Steve Pullara's music early on!
Check out 88.9 Boston it airs on
Saturday & Sunday 5-8pm at


Comcast Music Choice:

At "Kids Club," turn on that TV channel and listen while you play or eat lunch!

Listen to Pandora Radio on the web or your IPod, IPad, Laptop or Kindle:

Create your own "Steve Pullara" Channel there for free!

Now you can make a "Steve Pullara Channel"and be your own DJ. Hear Steve's Cool Beans Band anytime and anywhere at "no charge." Go to this site or download the free App at You can listen for free 24/7 all day  and all week. Enjoy Steve's music with your whole family in your car or in the comfort of your home or play room!

The "Assorted Women" Show:

Listen to Mona Rodriguez She has been the host of the gender specific show on the Lehigh Valley's #1 NPR station WDIY 88.1FM ( for several years.  Far from the pun of "a sordid woman"; Mona's show has continually had a positive impact on the local and national community at large and is ever-growing in popularity.  She is one of the most respected on-air talents in the broadcasting business while addressing current events and controversial issues.  Mona hosts celebrity interviews with live performances and great music from the past and present. Her many legendary artists have put her show on level with most commercial radio stations.  She has been instrumental in breaking international and local talent to an audience that regard her as one of the most influential up and coming voices in radio today.


Many WMGK DJ's have given wonderful award winning performances to Cool Beans Music recordings that have garnered both The GRAMMY & GRAMMY Nominations such as: Grover Silcox, Debbie Calton, John Debella, Cyndy Drue and Andre Gardner. All About Bullies, Healthy Food For Thought and All About Following Your Dreams. have benefited children greatly from these fine talents. Check them out and ask for your favorite tracks.



Amazing talents from WXPN have contributed  to Cool Beans Music projects for children such as: Kathy O'Connell, Robert Drake, Helen Leicht and Gene Shay. Check out their wonderful deliveries on the GRAMMY nominated Healthy Food For Thought.

"The Buzz" with Ross Landy:

Ross has the buzz on many things media and world events. Give his show

"The Buzz" a listen. You will be enriched. Ask for a podcast of his interview with

Steve Pullara.

Steve Pullara's songs and interviews are played all over the country and world and have been on more channels and programs than are listed here. Also, podcasts have added a new dimension to airplay. If you know of where you've heard his songs, stories or projects, please let us know at:

​Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091 

Warminster, PA 18974

Cool Beans Music® is a registered U.S. Trademark owned by Steve Pullara.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.


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