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Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band

enjoyed recording our stellar dance tune

"Alien Babies From Outer Space!"

Alien Babies from Outer Space” is a retro themed fun tune by Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band. Its lyrics are based on an imaginary 1950’s type movie plot where  alien babies find their way into people’s lives.The ultimate goal of these aliens is to be take over the world by posing as innocent children. Click this colorful illustration of our space alien to hear this fun new song.  Space" and thanks for listening.


Click this screen image below to experience our our new  2021 song's promo. It's entitled "Alien Babies From Outer Space."


Three 2021 Industry Awards!!!!

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By clicking this fun alien baby photo below ,  

you'll hear our new 2021 song. There you'll see its many  streaming outlets. 

"Alien Babies From Outer Space" by Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band is 

in all major streaming platforms! Enjoy our song's links for streaming at:

CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer and many planets. 

All streaming destinations are at this link, plus it

contains an unlimited free sample to play from here to infinity.


Reviews, Comentarios, Examinateurs, Recensioni:

Song Review: Alien Babies From Outer Space by Steve Cool Beans Pullara


"From the opening notes of this irreverent and playful song, you're hooked.  A dance/electronica infused ode to old time science fiction movies mixed with a little commentary on outlandish headlines and conspiracy theories, Steve CoolBeans Pullara delivers an absolute earworm that will play on in your head after the first listen. 


The musical landscape created even has a science fiction feel and is perfect with CoolBeans' excellent vocals throughout.  He has achieved something admirable with Alien Babies From Outer Space, in that the song is fun and playful for kids, but adults can dig it too.  It has landed on my playlist!"

- Patrick Adams, Host, Kindie Rock Stars Podcast,

Patrick Adams Books, LLC


"As timely and engaging as the latest front page news, Steve Pullara and

The Cool Beans Band have really hit the bullseye with this amazing new single. The production and performance are top notch but this song could get a standing ovation even if it were performed on a ukulele! It should be "rocketing" up the Top Ten any day now, but here's the million dollar question: will Steve and the band be around to enjoy it?!" - Chip Mergott, PBS Radio's Mergott Minute, Reviewer, Author and Musician

"What is that up in the sky? Is it a plane? Sky Captain? Who or what is it we are waiting to discover from promised pending government disclosure? Could it be Interplanetary missionaries, Time traveler's, or Dimensional Beings coming to live among us?


Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band's new single "Alien's Babies From Outer Space"is preempting the promised disclosure and perhaps the band's new release has the answer tucked inside this danceBe brave, grab a partner and hit the dance floor. Oh, and turn it up!"Alien Babies From Out Space" is something a bit different from the band's prior material, yet true to their style it will get tykes, teens, parents and grandparents alike up dancing while creating precious memories-which is something established fans rely on and new fans will will discover from the band's family friendly music.Listener's and dancer's are going to find a fun successful mix of electronica complimented by a scat intro that lends to an almost retro vibe throughout the song.


For those parents and grands of a certain age, the nostalgic reminder of vinyl records and drive-in theaters with space movies will become storytelling moments to share. Immediately the tone is set by the "get your heart-rate up" tempo call to the dance floor, and everyone from the youngest to the oldest will soon be singing the lyrics together of this modern era hip song.Mr. Pullara should be commended, for even the most stoic government official will feel the magnetic draw to the dance floor while the long awaited disclosure is answered in Cool Beans style."

-Toni Taylor-Helser, Bare Foot Music Group

Alien Babies from Outer Space, a retro-themed dance tune by Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band, suggests that the idea of beings from outer space may be something to seriously think about — or at least dance to.  This new beat warns of imaginary alien babies on a mission to take over the world.  While they may not be real, this new beat is absolutely out of this world!

-Dina Carmelengo, MA, Academic Interventionist,

Special Education Teacher

 "Steve! You take a completely new direction musically with this dance song. It grabbed me with the first note and took me on a fun, uplifting ride. Thank you Steve for continuing to create wonderful music and visual art. Your talent doesn't stop there. Then you thought of a new way to get radio play! Your talent knows no bounds! "Alien Babies from Outer Space” is a retro themed fun dance tune by Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Band. Its lyrics are based on an imaginary 1950’s type movie plot where alien babies find their way into people’s lives. The ultimate goal of the aliens is taking over the world in many ways by posing as innocent children." 

- Philly FM Radio Personality Cyndy Drue, Pennsylvania




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