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Cool Beans Music's® ​​​ Programs & Concerts Descriptions Of All Types!

2019 Multi-Cultural "Cool Beans Music & Art Program" 

Steve Pullara provides a full range of shows and programs for children & families in all kinds of situations and for all ages. As you read on, this page describes them. His singing program can have a drawing lesson in it if you so chose. Various types of drawing subjects that Steve can teach are sampled on this page (he can draw anything and tailor it to your programming needs.) The singing & drawing mix is ideal for school assemblies or libraries. It can also be designed for pre-school settings by mixing in stories with the drawing segments. Many of Steve's programs are described below.

Steve also presents his popular children's/family music ensemble entitled:​ Steve Pullara And His Cool Beans Band. This award winning band is an all ages family favorite for townships, stages, festivals, zoos and corporate settings. His concerts are booked for a wide range of clientele where they are described in the "TYpes of Concerts" tab on this website. Ask for the Cool Beans Music Promo Sampler Packet to be mailed to you​! Below are descriptions of various "Cool Beans Music" presentations for those interested in upcoming future bookings for your venues.

Gazillions of performances & programs have been booked for nearly 30 years. This year is exploding with new bookings too! We'd enjoy adding your event to our exciting concert roster! For all booking info or inquiries about any program on this page feel free to call: Cool Beans Music® (215) 675-7743 or E-mail at:

Various programs that are described and offered below have both music & art wrapped into one and you can also book programs ala carte! Ask for the brochure to be jpg'd to your mailbox or read about the program below.

All the drawings on this website are by Steve Pullara

Steve's instruments in the bottom left center © MMIV Cool Beans Music and taken by Bill Edwards.

The Cool Beans Music and Art® Programs Menu

Pre-Schools, Child Care & Library Programs: This is an interactive sing-along program with topical easy to understand drawing lessons. Kids love to take home their works of art for the family refrigerator door. There is much more about this program described at the bottom of this page. There is much more about this popular program described at the bottom of this page. Ask for the brochure to be jpg'd to your mailbox.

Elementary School Assemblies, Concerts & Museums: Steve offers two types of programs (A & B) for elementary school assemblies, concerts and museums which are outlined below:

Program (A): This great indoor activity (for smaller groups) is a fun sing-along and drawing lesson of popular topics such as dinosaurs, famous cartoon characters, etc. The drawing lessons and songs can be tailored to fit your event and age grouping. This program runs 60 minutes. There is much more about this popular program described at the bottom of this page. Ask for the brochure to be jpg'd to your mailbox.

Program (B): Steve's three to four piece interactive band ("Steve Pullara And His Cool Beans Band") comes to your school or museum and teaches through interactive music. Kids are invited onstage during this assembly program and encouraged to participate. Drawing lessons can also be included if requested. After the program is concluded, there is a question and answer session for each group. Band musicians come to your school early and talk to the children whom teachers have pre-selected that show musical promise.

Corporate Settings & Town Festival Concerts: This three piece band ("Steve Pullara And His Cool Beans Band",) which sings interactive family music, is ideal for any family festival or picnic. With many years of entertaining families under their belt, Steve Pullara & The Cool Beans Band are also a popular choice for many conference and event planners. This band comes complete with an audio system tailored to any setting.

Special Education Programs: Steve Pullara has developed many programs for special education children and settings. At times, he has presented up to 130 programs per year for Special Education and Intermediate Units. Cool Beans Music® themes incorporate many original musical compositions dealing with: eye and hand coordination, call back and participation, visual association, sound buttons for activity processes, props, language skills, rhymes with add-in music, physical activity, multicultural appreciation, historical themes, holidays, sign language, spelling, memory, attention building and the learning of new words from other languages in songs. Steve also has tremendous success with his alphabet drawing and music blend techniques, especially with the autistic spectrum and down's syndrome children. There is much more about this popular program described at the bottom of this page. Ask for the brochure to be sent to your mailbox.​

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" Christmas Concerts: Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band do a fun and popular romp with Santa Claus. They can also secure a jolly dancing Santa for you if you need one. This band will also interact with your designated Santa. Steve's holiday program layout will provide a fun and memorable concert for kids and their families. It will be a fond memory for years to come full of songs and funny Holiday antics. Get your events booked early.  As you may know, December fills up fast for the Cool Beans Band. Christmas drawing lesson/stories can also be provided as part of the concert. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Theme Party Family Concerts: Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Band are veterans of many themed events that townships and corporations have as their scheduled events. We've presented programs such as pirates, Halloween, country, Mardi Gras, a fifties theme,

a jungle safari and many more. Also, multi-cultural Holiday Concerts are part of Steve's menu too. you can choose either with the band

or solo. You name it, and we'll have a program tailored and designed just for you! Give Cool Beans Music a call at 215-675-7743 for a free consultation!

Newly added to this menu! Ben Franklin & Steve Pullara: This program weaves interactive music, dialogue and history with an engaging art lesson, plus a special historical guest. Full details are at this button:

An In-Depth Description About Steve Pullara's Unique

Cool Beans Music® With Art Program

Program Title: Singing and Drawing with the Alphabet

Instructor: Singer / Illustrator Steve Pullara

Running Time: 60 minutes (running time can be adjusted to fit programming schedule)

Program: Instructor sings high energy interactive songs on his guitar with children. These songs will be a traditional and original mix of songs for 30 minutes that teach: rhyming, word with sound associations and exercises in a fun way. After that portion, the next 25 minutes are learning to draw (popular cartoon characters, dinosaurs, animals, bugs, etc.) with the letters of the alphabet by following the instructor with his big pad on a large easel. These drawings are usually themed to the season or week. The session's drawings will also be a spelling lesson of the object drawn. The last 5 minutes of the program ends with a sending song to give closure to the session.

Goal: This program has been used by educators effectively through the years to build: Listening Skills, Self Esteem and Interactive Community thru a shared experience. After each program, children come away with up to three finished art pieces to take home and a memorable time shared with other children through art and music.

Planning Notes: The best age groups for this program range with children ages 5-10. All music and drawings are tailored to each developmental stage. Inclusive family programs are also available.

Fee: (fee is negotiable and multiple booking fee discounts are available)

For Booking Info Call: Cool Beans Music (215) 675-7743 or E-mail at:

How about getting your event booked on our performance calendar? There's always available days and options waiting for your considerations!

Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091 

Warminster, PA 18974

Cool Beans Music® is a registered U.S. Trademark owned by Steve Pullara.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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