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GRAMMY® Recipient Steve Cool Beans Pullara

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Welcome Event Planners & Talent Coordinators! 

Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Music® is a consistent and dependable talent booking for your theaters, venues, schools and townships. He's a Grammy® recipient sure to please your Children and Family audiences. His repeat bookings at many of the same venues year after year are a testament to

Steve's enduring quality!


Steve Pullara is a children's & family concert performer and recording artist. He's been ranked among the top ten entertainers of the Philadelphia region's Intelligencer Newspaper. Actor Bradley Cooper and  recording artist Pink have also both been cited  in that newspaper's listings those years with him. His work as a children's genre recording talent and producer have garnered such top awards as a Grammy®, two Grammy® nominations, a U.S. Congressional Citation​, various and numerous recognition awards from organizations such as Parents' Choice®, NAPPA® and  Hot Digitty Awards®. These are among the children's recording industry's highest milestones. Steve Pullara has also collaborated in two PRPS Excellence Awards for Event Programming and received a Caring Community Award for sharing music & art with special needs children. His songs have consistently received international airplay to which he has accepted the ASCAP-Plus Award. The tab above entitled Bio & Awards has complete details of Steve Pullara's music industry & entertainer achievements, awards, grants and residencies. He performs and writes for all ages and many types of settings. Ages one through ninety are not uncommon for this artist. Thanks for your time & consideration!


Click the red button below  for bookings, music samples, testimonials 

and concert photos of 

Steve Pullara and His Cool Beans Music®.

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       Click the album cover below of

"Aquarium Rhapsody" to hear our whole new album!

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Our New Album's music is  aquatically  entitled  Aquarium Rhapsody by
Steve Pullara 's Cool Beans Ensemble.
 It will stream wonderfully into your
local library's earphones or while viewing fish at your RegionalAquarium.
Take us to the beach or on the way  to a lake! The whole family will enjoy ths music! , Share us with your school's music teachers who might consider these witty pieces for their annual student recitals. If so, their event would be a big splash hit of excitement!

Our Nine new original composition titles flow and stream  as follows: 
1.) Frog Hop, 2.) Angel Fish,
3.)Aquarium Rhapsody,
4.) Flow, 5.) Avoiding the Hooks,
6.) Phillip's Glass Tank,
7.) Pearl Divers, 8.) Pond Swirl 

9.) Aquarium Rhapsody Reprise Bolero

                                                                                                          Steve Puullara

      Patrick Robinson           Tess Remy-Schumacher           Mark Henkels                                               

Brian Nagy                               Kelli Lewis                Gloria  Domina        Christina Giancono &
                                                                                  Patrick Conlon                                                                                     
                                                                             All  compositions by Steve Pullara and                                                                                               arr. by Pat Robinson & Steve Pullara.                                                                                                    Piano by Patrick Robinson.                                                                                                                       Cello by Tess Remy- Schumacher.
Jim Cravero              David Williams                                                                                                                                                                                    Flutes by Mark Henkels & Steve Pullara.   
                                                                                Classical Guitar by Brian  Nagy .   

                                                                                Drums were played by Vince Riggi.
Enginering and recording by Patrick Robinson, Christina Giacono & Patrick Conlon. Mastering an by Jim Cravero's ECR Studio. The Producer team is: Steve Pullara,     
Pat Robinson, 
Tess Remy Schmacher, Kelli Lewis, Gloria Domina & Dave Williams.                    


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dave williams_edited.jpg



NEWS FLASH! "PENNSYLVANIA Musician Magazine" features in depth Cover Story of Steve CoolBeans Pullara. Here's the full "MAY 2021 ISSUE" cover story link of their Steve Pullara interview by Exit Hibernation Media who sought him out. Click the link:

Steve Cool Beans Pullara whether booked

Solo, with his Cool Beans Band, drawing a

picture art lesson or joking with his puppet

friend named Sunny; these are always

energetic performances that could last a

lifetime of smiles in fun memories!

Steve Pullara's children's recording projects and career have merited recognition from these organizations and periodicals:


                              Publicity by:
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Steve Pullara, ASCAP

P.O. Box 2091 

Warminster, PA 18974

Cool Beans Music® is a registered U.S. Trademark 

Owned by Steve Pullara.

All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Page design, art & text are © Cool Beans Music®, Inc.

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As a children's recording artist,

Steve Pullara of Cool Beans Music®

is a proud and long time

Associate Member of the Fraternal Order

Of Police. The FOP actively supports legislation

and all law enforcement efforts on a local,

state and national level.





"Steve Pullara & His Cool Beans Music® " is Music for Children & Concerts for Kids and their Families.

We do what we do because we love what we do!

Inquire for a booking at

Many thanks to the parents & guardians who have generously photographed their children and  me

for inclusion in this ongoing treasury of concert highlights. Their photos are intended here for usages within

the pages of this website and other official Cool Beans Music® posts. These photo images are solely for the uses

of Cool Beans Music® and not to be copied or reposted by viewers anywhere in any manner. 

For FUN STUFF to do with your kids, check out Children's Concerts info in the Philadelphia Region, New Jersey, Delaware and Nationwide

by Multi-Award Winning children's performer Steve Pullara at this page and

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